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Msc. Teav Chhun Nan

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On behalf of faculty members and staff of the College of Science and Technology I would like to welcome you to the College of Science and Technology at The University of Cambodia.

The College of Science and Technology (CoST) was established at the same time as the The University of Cambodia in 2013. The College have been developed and transforms with the rise of Science and technology in the 21st century. We drive and inspire our students to value creativity and innovation in the information technology world.

The college offers undergraduate and graduate programs such as Computer Science, Information Technology and Electronics and Telecommunication. Our programs prepare students for careers in these disciplines as scientific and ICT professional.

In order to meet increasing demand for graduates in computer science and information technology, we have: developed robust and modern curricula; established sophisticated facilities; and hired high qualified faculty.

A unique feature of all the of the college undergraduate programs is the opportunity for undergraduate students to engage with practical and advance professional education, including preparing for professional certification in the field of ICT beside the academic degree.

I encourage you to visit out campus and facilities to learn about the exciting opportunities available in the College of Science and Technology.

Teav Chhun Nan, MSc
Associate Dean, College of Science and Technology

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