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Mork Ratha

2013: Master Degree, in major “Master of Science InformationTechnology”at Norton University.                                                    
2009: Bachelor Degree, in major “MIS (Management of Information System)” at SETEC University.                                            
Mr.Ratha used to work as Full Time IT programming Lecture at UP (University of Puthisastra) 
Teaching IT programming (web and programming language) PHP & MySQL, OOP (Object Oriented Programming),
JAVA, Mobile (Android), E-comment, Database (Analysis & MSSQL)  Develop learning and teaching materials (Bachelor and Master degree) Coordinator of students and Lecturers Observe and assessment lecturers Manage E-Learning System Manage and prepare short course program Manage and checking up course outline and exam  Develop IT Programming curriculum  Facilitate in disseminating the curriculum.

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