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College of Sciences and Technology

Students graduating with a degree from the College of Science and Technology of The University of Cambodia will be:
- Confident in understanding and communicating in the English Language;
- Competent in analytical, quantitative and computing skills;
- Certain of a broad understanding of basic business principles; and
- Capable to find and compete for jobs locally and abroad.

In various forms, science and technology have played a pre-eminent role in the development of all major civilisations. This has particularly been the case in the past century, and together they promise to be of ever-increasing importance for our lives in the present century.

As with the rest of the world, Information Technology is a key for Cambodia's future development and integration into the international community. To this end, we offer a program which will benefit participants in pursuing this endeavour.

MISSION: To produce graduates who can play an active role in the preparation of the next generation for taking Cambodia into the future.

* Information Technology
* Computer Science
* Electronics and Telecomunications
* Management Information Systems

The University of Cambodia's Foundation Year Program for new students has been officially recognized by the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia. It comprises eight compulsory core courses (24 credits); together with two oriented courses (6 credits) relevant to the student's chosen major. For the College of Science and Technology, students must do two of the following oriented courses (3 credits each):

* ITE102: Introduction to Computer Programming C++
* ITE103: Introduction to Internet
* ITE104: Logic and Computation

Graduates from The University of Cambodia’s College of Science and Technology programs can expect to find jobs in either the public or private sector in fields related to computer networking and software engineering, in Cambodia and abroad.

Note: The University of Cambodia reserves the right to update the present information without notice.